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Located at 58 Admiral Street, Kenning Park, Glasgow, The Cotton Print Factory Shop is dedicated to supplying the largest selection of fabrics in the UK and Ireland. With an extensive collection of fabrics from the finest in Italian leathers to the softest in Indians silks, you are sure to find what you may be looking in our store.




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  1. Jeannette Hamill


    Can you please tell me when your next sale is going to be?

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      We have a full sales floor Jeannette, up the stairs, so in essence, there is a continuous sale at The Cotton Print Factory Shop, Glasgow.

  2. hazel kay

    Would love to pay you a visit but how would I get from Buchanan Street bus station and do you have a cafe or is there somewhere near to get something? I belong to Stirling Castle Quilters in Stirling so I am going to suggest we pay you a visit might only be 16 or 18 would that be ok. Regards Hazel.

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Hazel, We are 12 miles from Buchanan Street Bus Station. Travel down Union Street taking a left onto Nelson Street which leads you onto Paisley Road. The Cotton Print Factory Shop is on your right hand side and yes! We do indeed have a cafe. Happy shopping. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Linda Humphreys

    Hello, could you tell me if you deliver please? Kind regards, Linda

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Linda, thanks for your comment, unfortunately not but we look forward to seeing you at The Cotton Print Factory Shop Glasgow. Many Thanks

  4. Anne

    Do you sell sewing patterns

  5. Laura

    Hi, can you tell me if you make curtains please? Thanks.

  6. Jane

    Do you stock an adjustable dressmaker’s dummy? If not, could you recommend a supplier please?

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Jane, thanks for your question. We do not unfortunately stock dressmaker dummys. We are not aware of local stores that would stock them, Many Thanks. CPFS

  7. Anne

    Is there a car park at the factory shop or where is the nearest car park please?

  8. Katie Hunter

    Hi, Do you stock Bridal fabrics? Kind regards, Katie

  9. Liz

    Can I have your post code for my sat& nav. As I will be driving from Ayrshire Thanks Liz

  10. mary

    Are you starting a sewing class for adults .

  11. Janette miller

    Do you do ready to hang curtains, if you do I would be very interested, please let me know…..thankyou Mrs J Miller…..

  12. Jennifer

    Hi , I am looking for curtain material for my 6 yr old grandson. He is into Star Wars , theme material. Do you have anything along these lines. Was in the shop last week but was not looking specifically for this material then.

  13. Margaret Tees

    Is your shop wheelchair accessible? Do you have a lift?

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Margaret. Thanks for your query. We have complete wheel chair accessibility to all floors and entrances including a lift. We look forward to seeing you. CPFS!

  14. Dorothy

    Do you sell yellow & grey elephant nursery fabric

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Patricia. Thank you for your question. We have children’s safari fabric which comes with lions, crocodiles and elephants. It is available in a variety of colours however not specifically grey & yellow. Many Thanks. CPFS.

  15. M atgaret

    Do you sell ready made blackout curtains price please

  16. Lucy

    Hi do you sell fabric suitable for making rugs? Thanks.

  18. Liz McLean

    Are you closed for Christmas holidays? Came today and you weren’t open.

  19. Elizabeth

    How much is your cheapest tartan per metre.

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your question. The curtain weight tartan starts from £12.95 for polyester up to 100% Wool at £39.95 and the dress making tartan starts from £6.95. Thanks. CPFS

  20. Birdie

    what an amazing place, so much choice and the staff were ever so helpful, bought loads of yummy fabrics and will definitely be back for more. well worth the trip from Inverness

  21. Bev

    I know you have a sale coming up. Can you tell me when it’s likely to run?

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Bev!, We Are Sales on All Year Round! Come in Store to Check it out! Thanks CPFS XXX

    • The Cotton Print Factory Shop

      Hi Bev. Thank for you’re query. We are in a sale on all of the year round! Come in store to see it! Thanks. CPFS!

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